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There are only a few hundred remaining copies of the first edition of Mangled Mortgage.  After this, you’ll have to buy them at a bookstore and track me down to get a signature.  While I’m happy to sign them if you ask, it will cost you coffee or a beer to get a signature if you buy the book somewhere other than here.  And, I make it hard to find me these days.

Email info@mangledmortgage.com to learn how to buy one of the remaining copies from the first run.  There are several payment options and they’re all easy.

Where else are you going to go for information on what happens next in the housing market?

I can’t think of any other place either.


Where can I buy a copy of Mangled Mortgage?

Right now, the only place to buy it is right here. Email info@mangledmortgage.com and you’ll get a reply with easy payment options.  Books start shipping the week of March 9th.

Someday, you may be able to find it on the big online shops.  Until then, this is the Mangled Mortgage shop.

Mangled Mortgage is a book about foreclosures, short sales, and loan modifications written by someone who lives and breathes mortgage challenges every day.  Jon Sterling works in real estate sales Southern California, where he moved specifically because of the housing crisis.  Working in some of the most challenging markets in the United States, Jon’s team provides a wealth of experience and perspective for today’s real estate market.

Foreclosure myths

There are many common myths about foreclosures.  Some of them come from late-night infomercials and some of them come from people who are interested in selling advertising space instead of providing facts.  The myths are outlined in my book, and here are some of the common myths:


All foreclosures are a steal.


Lenders and their investors have a good idea of what a property is worth.  Granted, some of them are interested in selling property at a steep discount so they can meet their liquidity needs, but the discount is often built into the list price you see by the time it hits the market.  You will often find better deals by looking in an area with lots of foreclosures, but not necessarily with a bank-owned property.


All foreclosures are damaged and need work.


Not all foreclosures are damaged.  Many former owners cooperate with the lender when they realize they cannot keep their home and leave the place in good condition.  Lenders will usually try to negotiate “cash for keys” if the owner will leave the property in good condition.


Making money investing in foreclosures is easy.


It’s not as easy as it says on the TV commercial.  Yes, there are many people who have successfully made big money investing in foreclosures.  The question I always ask is, “If this person made so much money investing in foreclosures, why are they putting so much effort into selling an information product for three easy payments of $29.95?”

The best investors I know are spending their money on pre-foreclosures and short sales right now.  Check back periodically for updates on those investment strategies.   You can direct specific questions to info@mangledmortgage.com for a quick response.

New FHA loan limits

The Federal Housing Administration recently published new loan limits.  This is GOOD NEWS for buyers out there who are taking advantage of the favorable real estate climate.

Limits for single-family homes in some of the big metropolitan areas:

Los Angeles $729,750

Chicago $410,000

San Francisco $729,750

New York $729,750

Dallas $271,050

Houston $271,050

Denver $406,250

Philadelphia $420,000

Phoenix $346,250

DC $729,750

For more information, email info@mangledmortgage.com

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