Foreclosure Coaching for Agents and Brokers – How to build a big REO business from someone who knows

One of my coaching clients made over $1.1 million in commissions in 2008 by focusing her attention on selling foreclosures.

Oh yeah…she won’t turn 30 for a few more years.

Whether your new to the business or well-versed in foreclosures already, the coaching program will make you better.  It costs less than the major competition and provides superior results.  No long-term contracts, no gimmicks, no inexperienced coaches.

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REO Asset Manager Lists For Sale

Consumers and agents BEWARE!

There are individuals and organizations out there selling lists of their asset manager contacts.  Exercise extreme caution when considering buying one of these lists.  Many times, they are nothing more than a collection of phone numbers to a bunch of banks across the country.  You can get the same information by visiting the websites of the banks themselves.

The lists are marketed to both consumers and real estate professionals.  Consumers can use the lists to contact lenders to identify properties to purchase.  Real estate professionals can use the lists to generate foreclosure listings.

The lists can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  There are real estate professionals who do lots of foreclosure business who will sell their lists of asset managers and their contact information, so it’s up to you whether or not it is worth the cost.  Some say yes, some say no.  If you are planning to buy a list, do some research and make sure the source either is selling or has sold foreclosures and used that list to generate business.  If you cannot verify, you probably want to keep searching.

I do not sell lists, but I can point you in the right direction if this is something that interests you.  Email or simply post your questions below.  I have coached dozens of people through this process, so you can learn from our collective mistakes.

Yours in success,